5 ways to welcome a new employee

Starting a new job can be a massively daunting task. There is a pressing urge to impress, and a need to prove competency. But the environment is foreign, and everybody is new! We already featured a post about building a strong overall onboarding process. So today, I thought I’d talk to some of the employment experts out there, about some of the more specific ways you can welcome a new employee, to give them the best possible start at your company, on their first day and beyond. 1. Give them a

The Benefits of Hiring a Team According to Mario Peshev

Mario Peshev is the founder and CEO of DevriX, a WordPress development agency based out of Bulgaria. The team of 50 focuses on providing development and support for enterprises, publishers and startups. Why the First Hire Is Always the Hardest (3:15) Mario founded DevriX back in 2010, so he’s had almost ten years to perfect the practice of hiring a team for his agency. That said, he still looks back on the first hire (and even some other earlier ones) as a difficult process. He says it’s espe

Advisor, Trainer & Manager: DevriX CEO, Mario Peshev, In Conversation With WPblog

Today we have one of the rockstars of the WordPress community, Mario Peshev, for an interview. He has gained immense popularity among WordPress users around the world with his company Devrix, a design and development agency which he founded in 2011. With nearly 20 years in the tech world, Mario has immense experience in being a WordPress & business advisor to many companies, in writing, as a seasoned trainer, and training & management, etc. In short, Mario is a WordPress powerhouse we can all l

The Art of (Truly) Taking a Vacation: 6 Entrepreneurs Share Their Secrets

Although countless studies have emphasized the importance of taking time off from work for one's mental and physical health, and also for increased productivity when back at the office, many professionals still fail to take a proper vacation. Busy entrepreneurs seem to have the worst track record, as most of them don't fully leave work behind and remain immersed in their organization's day-to-day operations even when away. So how can business owners make the most of their vacation time without

Missing Your Revenue Targets? 14 Strategies for Turning It Around

At the beginning of the year, you set targets and goals for your business’s revenue. As the year’s progressed, however, you’ve noticed that you haven’t quite hit those numbers — and you want to turn it around before the end of Q4. To find out more about how you can do this, we asked members of the Young Entrepreneur Council the following: “The last few quarters’ revenue have been below the targets you set at the beginning of the year. What is a good approach to tackling this issue?” How to Mak

15 Tips On How to Unify Company Culture Across Departments

As your company grows, you may find different departments start to silo themselves off from one other. However, a strong company culture is one that includes all departments and brings them together. That’s why we asked members of Young Entrepreneur Council the following question: What is a good way to connect team members in different departments to build company culture? How to Unify Company Culture Across Departments Here’s what YEC community members had to say: “Different departments hav

Beyond The Initial Download: Nine Ways To Keep Users Coming Back To Your New App

Many entrepreneurs have jumped on the mobile app bandwagon, as it provides an excellent way to develop a connection with your audience, as well as potentially provide a new revenue stream. And if you’re in the process of developing a new app for your business, you might be wondering where to start when trying to encourage users to try it out. However, attracting users’ initial attention is only half the battle. While you may do a great job of promoting the app and getting people to download it.

13 Positive Habits That Can Boost Your Success

As an entrepreneur or a high achiever, you may be overwhelmed with seemingly endless work or the general feeling that there’s not enough time to do everything you want to do. To make it through the day, it’s easy to fall into “bad habits” or let tasks fall to the wayside. However, it is important to establish positive habits to set yourself up for later success. Setting goals and boundaries, both personally and professionally, is necessary to sustain the life you’ve worked so hard to achieve. T

12 Actionable Business Tips from Podcasts for Budding Entrepreneurs

Not all the advice that a budding business leader hears on a podcast will be particularly actionable or beneficial. There is, however, some very good information and perspectives out there. To help newer leaders be more aware of things they can and should do in regards to their business, we asked members of Young Entrepreneur Council (YEC) the following: “What is the best actionable tip you’ve gotten from a podcast? Why did it strike a chord with you?”

Searching For The Right COO: 10 Things Small Businesses Should Know

Hiring a chief operating officer is a huge moment and one that requires a lot of thought and planning, particularly for small businesses: A good COO can work wonders for a company, while a misstep in hiring can cost you time, as well as generate a great deal of frustration for everyone involved. As you prepare to start your search, you need to be sure you know where to look for your COO, as well as what kinds of traits your organization needs. Is it better to hire from within, for instance, or

Growing Your Influence Online: 7 Tips for Creating a Successful Blog

A company blog can be a crucial instrument in any company's marketing strategy to attain increased visibility, draw in potential customers and build a loyal following online. The key is to update the blog regularly with relevant content that educates and provides real value to readers, instead of just rehashing company news and announcements. These seven entrepreneurs share their best tips for creating influential blog content and explain how a well-planned blog can make any business stand out

The Successful Entrepreneur: Guest - Mario Peshev - YouTube

Thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to listen to this show. When you are finished listening I hope you take a minute and write a quick review on whichever radio or podcast platform you’ve heard this show. Your insight will help others to be inspired and encouraged. We all make decisions, but we don't always make informed decisions. To make healthy decisions we must break the process down to two categories, "information gathering," and the final "yes" or "no." When you gather as much information on a topic as you can it helps give you the confidence to make your healthiest decision.

Podcast – Dark Side of Going Solo – Overcome Challenges in Starting Up a Business

The Start-Up world is booming, and levels of entrepreneurship have never been higher. But Before entrepreneurs-to-be dive in, however, today’s guest, Mario Peshev recommends investing in learning what the self-employed experience can be like. You could exchange a 40-hour work week and a steady paycheck for 80-100 hour work weeks, grinding through struggles generating sales, managing staff and vendors, and more. Mario Peshev’s no-BS take on the startup world challenges the fad around becoming an overnight success and projects reality for the first 6-18 months in the startup game.

15 Proven Ways to Improve Your Business Negotiation Skills

Entrepreneurs are constantly making deals, so learning how to negotiate becomes an essential skill to master. But when you’re at the bargaining table, it sometimes can be difficult to strike the right balance and arrive at a healthy compromise with a client or partner. To learn how to become a successful negotiator, we asked a group of Young Entrepreneur Council members to weigh in on the following question: Q. What type of negotiation strategy do you prefer using? Why is it effective?

22 Entrepreneurs Share Their Thoughts on The Future of Entrepreneurship

Every waking day, we are having tremendous changes in regulations and technology which greatly affects the way businesses operate. Some entrepreneurs will say the future is definitely bright but to others, some of these changes work against their expansion and business operations. Additionally, there’s growing empowerment and embracing of individuality which motivates more people to begin their entrepreneurship journey. But the big question, what’s the future of entrepreneurship?

13 Common Hiring Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

When looking to onboard a new hire, a company clearly has a need it is trying to meet. Though the need can be great, it is important to do your due diligence in the hiring process. Ensure that you ask the right questions and truly listen to each candidate’s answers. Check references and consider a trial period wherein the candidate can complete a test project or two to really show you their stuff. A common mistake I see is discarding applicants who don’t fit a job profile to the T.

How to Make a Good Impression When You Don’t Feel Like You’re Naturally Charismatic

Not every young entrepreneur with a brilliant idea has the charisma needed to pitch it successfully. Making an impression is still a significant part of being a businessperson, and in the age of online interaction, genuine human rapport is a priceless commodity. Luckily, natural charisma isn’t a necessity to be successful in business, as there are multiple methods young entrepreneurs can learn to make a direct impact on people they talk to. Below, members of the Young Entrepreneur Council...

Looking to Extend Your Dev Team? DevriX is a WordPress Development Agency Using Tech Talent to Solve Business Problems

If you had any doubt that we’ve reached the age of the Jetsons, consider this: Telesurgery, a remote procedure in which a surgeon controls robotic arms to operate on a patient in a distant physical location, is now a reality. And if doctors can save lives remotely, Mario Peshev, Founder & CEO of DevriX, told us that savvy tech agencies should have no problem helping businesses thrive in the same manner. That’s why he and Co-Founder Stanko Metodiev started DevriX in 2010.

13 Valuable Soft Skills to Look for When Hiring New Employees

Ask any hiring manager or business leader what they want in a new hire, and they’ll probably tell you “good communication skills.” While a strong ability to communicate is essential for any position, there are other soft skills to look for in a new hire as well. To find out which skills are especially valuable, we asked members of Young Entrepreneur Council the following question: Q. What is one particularly important soft skill, besides communications, that a new hire should have? Having the
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