My name is Mario Peshev and I'm the founder of DevriX - a distributed agency of 25 providing ongoing WordPress development and growth strategy for SME and fast-paced startups. 

I built my first static website in 1999 when I started my first experiments with other programming languages as well. I've been working in the IT industry since 2003, juggling school, a couple of part-time programming and web directory administration jobs, writing the weekly security bulletin for the local ICT Media group and translating technical news.

I led my first technical class in 2006 and started my first blog a couple months later, taking notes of technical challenges at work, tips for my students, and other "go-to" resources in our field.

Over the next few years, I co-wrote a multi-authored book on Java development (sold tens of thousands of copies), reviewed several books on Packt and submitted two mini-books - The Coffice Resort (on working from coffee shops) and Making Money Online with WordPress

Fast-forward to 2017. Over 10,000 hours of training and consulting (including on-site courses  and seminars at CERN, Saudi Aramco, VMware, SAP Labs, Software AG, MIT Labs among others), and running the day-to-day business and technical operations at DevriX. In addition to handling our ongoing accounts that we partner up, I coordinate a few side projects, consult clients over at Clarity, engage in discussion on Quora, blog and guest-blog around the interweb.

Nowadays I deal with the business and technical strategy at DevriX, run several small startups, write content for different audiences, teach and consult growth and successful companies around the globe.  

Should you be interested in learning more, work with me or get some fresh ideas published on your website, get in touch and let's meet.


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