My name is Mario Peshev and I'm the founder of DevriX - a distributed agency of 25 providing ongoing WordPress development and growth strategy for SME and fast-paced startups. 

I built my first static website in 1999 when I started my first experiments with other programming languages as well. I've been working in the IT industry since 2003, juggling school, a couple of part-time programming and web directory administration jobs, writing the weekly security bulletin for the local ICT Media group and translating technical news.

I led my first technical class in 2006 and started my first blog a couple months later, taking notes of technical challenges at work, tips for my students, and other "go to" resources in our field.

Over the next few years I got a multi-authored book on Java development published (sold tens of thousands of copies), reviewed several books on Packt and submitted two mini-books - The Coffice Resort (on working from coffee shops) and Making Money Online with WordPress

Fast-forward to 2017. Over 10,000 hours of training and consulting (including on-site courses  and seminars at CERN, Saudi Aramco, VMware, SAP Labs, Software AG, MIT Labs among others), and running the day-to-day business and technical operations at DevriX. In addition to handling our ongoing accounts that we partner up, I coordinate a few side projects, consult clients over at Clarity, engage in discussion on Quora, blog and guest-blog around the interweb

Should you be interested in learning more, work with me or get some fresh ideas published on your website, get in touch and let's meet.