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15 Obstacles That Enterprises Report in WordPress and Development Partners

SME (Small and Medium-sized Enterprises) have been one of the strategic audiences that DevriX regularly partners up with. There are certain peculiar misconceptions (or legitimate concerns) that enterprise representatives always outline during meetings and calls with regards to their hesitation when considering WordPress. Over the last years, we have built WordPress-driven software for automotive manufacturers, airline brokers, banks, large educational institutions, enterprise digital media publications...
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17 Critical eCommerce Threats Killing Your Conversion Rates

Online commerce businesses could be hugely profitable and easy to run. According to Alexa, two out of the top 10 most visited websites in the US are the notorious eCommerce giants Amazon and eBay. Millions of small eCommerce business owners struggle with positioning themselves and converting their incoming traffic.Despite their own products available at competitive costs, other stores seem to sell more, attract larger audiences, and build successful networks of resellers.
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Changing Project Managers Half-Way Through A Project

In 2016 alone we had three ongoing projects who were quite successful, but the initial project managers that we were working with left and new product owners were assigned to work with us accordingly. One of the transitions was even more successful than before, but the other two started out rough, and required a lot of additional communication while building the trust back where it was prior to this moment. Since maintenance plans and ongoing design and development is a standard procedure...
Mario Peshev on WordPress Development

Why You Have to Target Non-US Markets For Higher Profits

Currently, the United States is the world’s largest national economy. Its GDP for 2016 is $18,56 trillion, hosts the majority of the biggest companies in the universe (that we know of), and is notoriously known as the “land of unlimited possibilities.” It’s only natural to target the US market when selling services, or products, and aim for a higher percentage of visitors, users, and customers living in the States. It’s the goal of many entrepreneurs and a target for their marketing teams.
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Top 20 Most Popular Programming Languages in 2017

The software engineering craft has been steadily growing in popularity for the past couple of decades. The innovations in technological startups and companies depending on digital sales, along with groundbreaking research in AI and the latest developments in Internet of things, are promising for technical professionals considering long-term opportunities in the software development industry. Here's a list of the 20 most popular programming languages in 2017.
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Web Developers Guide to Building Your Network

Building and growing a business could be implemented in various ways, but the core of every B2B or B2C transaction are relationships. Regardless of whether you’re selling directly to customers, building a reseller network, or pitching to C-level executives – you need to establish a communication protocol by connecting and bonding with the right people. As Armstrong Williams once said: “Networking is an essential part of building wealth”.

7 Ways to Improve Customer Experience in Lines

Nobody has ever signed up for waiting in lines - but they are inevitable regardless of whether we are in a supermarket, waiting for a doctor’s appointment, or transferring funds at the bank. Different businesses manage the queue differently, which could impact the customer experience accordingly. Here are 7 tips for smart entrepreneurs who want to reduce the tension and increase the number of recurring customers for their brick and mortar business.
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Cubicles vs. Open Office - Is There a Winner?

Google has revolutionized the working environment with the “open office” policy which means that an entire floor (or a large space that can accommodate a hundred people) is wall-free. The concept was a response to the US trend of “cubicles” – closed spaces available to a single person, with temporary thin walls. The cubicle concept was a result of expensive rentals in downtown areas, together with call centers who required some sort of “privacy” or, at the very least, “sound isolation” while co
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Stop Losing Prospects With Disappearing Contact Form Submissions

While user experience and market fit are crucial for every business, a surprising reason for low conversions could be a misbehaving contact form on your website. Over the past 2 months we have worked with 3 successful businesses online with broken contact forms that prevented prospects from connecting with business development or support staff. In each of the three cases incoming emails have been lost entirely, or over 50% of the submissions were not passing due to technical errors – such as JavaScript conflicts, AdBlock extensions, email server limits or upgrades that broke anything behind the scenes, hence preventing a successful contact with company’s reps.
Mario Peshev on WordPress Development

WordPress Salary Requirements Revealed and Company Pricing Breakdown

A known problem in the WordPress industry are the $500 projects and hundreds of thousands of clients looking for free and warez plugins and themes, unwilling to pay a few pennies for a premium solution, and completely baffled by any estimate that is equal to the actual salary of a developer. They often proceed with DIY solutions or site builders, and don’t understand the cost of building a professional solution that is scaled for growth, stability, compatibility, speed and security. And some cu
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